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Crash games are the latest buzz among bettors because of their unique combination of randomness, dynamic and exciting gameplay, and decent RTP. Today, we are reviewing one of them—the Aviatrix game.

What is Aviatrix Game

Aviatrix is one of those online casino crash games where the player watches an aircraft that takes off, flies a bit, and then crashes at a randomly chosen moment. It is a B2B iGaming solution with an NFT basis and an additional integration for those familiar with blockchain technologies. Following the example of the most popular and reputable crash games, Aviatrix was created with the use of a provably fair technology. This computing algorithm can be tested for fairness providing a truly exhilarating gambling experience with a real chance for a win.

Features of Aviatrix Game

There are a lot of crash games, so are there reasons specifically? We gathered info about every aspect of playing so you can decide if the game is worthy of your attention.

Gameplay and Rules

In terms of gameplay, the Aviatrix crash game is pretty similar to its peers. To start the round, the player needs to place a wager. Then, an aircraft begins its flight, and the winning multiplier starts to rise as well. It has the potential to hit a whopping 10,000x number, provided the plane survives. The “crash” occurs randomly, and if the bettor did not cash out before that happened, the money is lost.

There is also an option of automatic cash out. The user can set a certain threshold for the multiplier that, when reached, triggers cashing out automatically.

Graphics and Sounds

Should you choose to play the Aviatrix game, you will not be disappointed with its design. The aircraft flight is accompanied by a soothing tune. It breaks off brutally at the moment of the crash which makes emotions from this exact moment even more bright. Granted, after you have been playing for a while, it may turn from pleasantly startling to slightly annoying but the mute button is always there. In any case, we will not argue that the soundtrack adds to the immersiveness of the gaming process.

The background art suggests a peaceful, remote area. The color of the sky changes as the plane flies. The whole vibe of the game is serene and relaxing until it is literally crashed.

Unique Aspects of Aviatrix Game

While Aviatrix is definitely fun to play and incorporates modern technologies that make your gambling fair and clear, there are some distinctive features. For starters, the game offers a customization option. The player gets to change the color and the name of their aircraft. There are also XP points (1 point for each 1 euro the user bets) that can be used to open new aircraft models.

While customization does not affect your gaming process (mechanics, the crash algorithm, your odds for winning), it is something unusual and fun to do: you can create a truly unique combination and become a star among your co-players.

Moreover, Aviatrix has an NFT integration. Blockchain experts can create an NFT aircraft and operate it as they would do with a token. This part does not affect users who do not have much experience with blockchain technologies and do not wish to change that making it a cool but absolutely non-intrusive feature.

Aviatrix Demo

For crash gambling beginners who want to try something new, the Aviatrix game demo is available. The principles of the demo mode are the same as with other titles—risk-free playing without betting real money. Risk-free is award-free, consequently, but it allows the players to determine if they like the genre, get confident with the gameplay, or even test the winning strategies.

Aviatrix Game Bonuses

Aviatrix is available on many online casino portals which will grant their players various bonuses. The type and the size of the bonus depend on the casino. There could be extra cash, free spins for slot games, tournament entries, etc. Additionally, Aviatrix has its own loyalty program with pool mechanics and daily cashback rewards.

Aviatrix Win Strategy

There is no legal technological Aviatrix game hack. Messing with a crash game algorithm would be cheating. However, the player can benefit by using the theory of probability and the fact that the game is based on provable fair technology and is completely random. Firstly, one should get accustomed to the reality of losing and set the amount of money they can afford to lose. In 1% of rounds, the crash will happen in seconds, so the loss is imminent.

Casino crash games are known to have an average RTP of 97%. By using certain playing strategies, the bettor can balance their wins and losses.

  • Fixed Bet plan implies that you do not change the wager size. It is simple and suits limited bankrolls well.
  • Fibonacci sequence: after they lose, the player goes two sequence steps ahead, increasing their bet. When they win, they go a step back.
  • Martingale is a more aggressive version of Fibonacci: the bettor starts with a small wager and doubles it after each time they lose. Requires a flexible bankroll as it can quickly deplete your account.
  • In Reverse Martingale, the player doubles the bet each time they win, gaining the maximum from the winning streak. The strategy works fine if the losing streak was not too long, and the winning—is not too short.
  • D’Alembert strategy is suited for long-term playing. The bet is somewhat increased after losing and slightly decreased after winning.

Aviatrix Game Mobile Apps

The game is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows Phone operational systems. To download the Aviatrix Game and play it on a mobile device, simply put the title into a search bar of your official application store, and you can play for real money from any place in the world.


Aviatrix is a casino crash game that combines a classic theme and mechanics (aircraft storyline, multiplier, cashing out) with some interesting features (customization, NFT integration, loyalty program). It is available on many online casinos and for mobile devices as well.


Can I play Aviatrix on my smartphone?

Yes, simply download the application from your store

Is Aviatrix Provably Fair?

Yes, the game is based on provable fair technologies and uses testable algorithms.

How to win Aviatrix?

Aviatrix is random so there is no way to guarantee winning but playing strategies can help balance your losses and winnings.