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Nowadays, a lot of interesting games are available for players on various devices. Aside from having the possibility to simply have fun, users likewise can win real money playing online games. JetX is one of the games that provide players with the opportunity to earn some money.

Both new and regular gamers have a chance to play JetX and withdraw real funds. However, one luck won’t be enough for this. There is a need to be familiar with the game’s rules and have a gaming strategy at least. Let’s consider below what the JetX game is and how to increase your chances of success with the assistance of special pieces of advice and tricks.

What is JetX Game

JetX is a very popular game among users. This crash game promises players endless win multipliers. Being an arcade-looking slot game, JetX was developed by SmartSoft Gaming. The game was first seen at the Cbet casino. However, today JetX is available on numerous online casinos, websites, and platforms. This enables users from all corners of the globe to enjoy playing the JetX game and get real wins.

JetX offers an engaging retro look that will remind players of classic games from the 80s. Generally speaking, the JetX game represents a graphic interface developed on the basis of a random number generator (RNG).

How to play JetX

JetX is a pretty simple game. Even those users who haven’t played online casino games before may enjoy JetX with ease. To play the JetX game, you should find a suitable online casino or website first. Make sure your chosen platform is safe and reputable.

Once a secure gaming website is selected, your task is to register on it. After the registration procedure is completed, you may launch the JetX game and start playing.

If you are going to play JetX for the first time, you should know the game’s rules completely. Also, it is recommended to have a winning strategy that would increase your chances of victory.

Betting range and rules

As mentioned above, the rules of the JetX game are not challenging. Still, you should make sure you are aware of them. Without knowing the mechanics of the game, you will simply spend your money in vain.

In this game, a jet takes off and begins to fly until it crashes. As long as the jet flies and rises higher and higher, the multiplier that is connected with it continues to grow. When the jet crashes, the round is over.

When gamers play JetX, each user should place one or a few bets, attempting to guess at which multiplier the jet will crash. The longer the jet flies, the higher the multiplier of the users’ bet becomes. Players have the possibility to bet between €0.10 to €300 per round.

The jet may crash at any moment, even at a 1.00 multiplier. There is no restriction on how high the jet may fly.

Three-level Jackpot

The JetX game likewise offers an enjoyable three-level jackpot feature. It only adds more interest to the game for players. How users may win these jackpots? As the jet progresses, it will travel through three levels titled Planet, Galaxy, and Space. Every level has a random jackpot attached to it. Whether what your bet is, if the jackpot works, you will obtain your share of the pool.

Win Strategy for JetX

Being aware of the game’s rules and mechanics is useful. However, applying gaming strategies will additionally boost your chances of great winnings.

As known, the JetX game is based on a Random Number Generator (RNG). Since JetX rotates around the player’s luck, there is no 100% winning strategy that would ensure winnings at every round. Nevertheless, certain effective techniques may be accepted by users that they should know.


There is a popular technique that is actively employed by gamers of JetX. It implies placing a big bet on a low multiplier with auto-withdraw while placing a small bet on a high multiplier in the same round.

This strategy pursues a few goals. The first goal is to restrict the risk while attempting to ensure recurring wins and to save a stable balance with the assistance of the big bet. At the same time, the small bet may be placed to attempt to hit a big multiplier that may increase your balance.

Cashing out

Another helpful strategy may imply sticking to a volatile play style. The idea of this strategy is to bet higher than you commonly would and to withdraw on low multipliers. It is worth mentioning that the lowest multiplier on which players may collect on JetX is x1.35. The point here is to have recurrent winnings and withdraw your funds from the casino as soon as you earn enough money.


The next technique is well-known among many casino players. However, this technique is likewise considered dangerous for different reasons. The Martingale technique lies in starting with a small bet and doubling it at every lost bet. For instance, you may bet €1. If you lose, you should bet €2. If you lose again, you should bet €4. If you lose, then place €8 and win. You have placed €15 in bets in total and won €16 on your last round. This implies your profit is €1.

JetX Tips

The JetX game is based on a Random Number Generator (RNG). Your luck is the focus of this game. Fortunately, players may take advantage of certain tips and recommendations. With these hints and pieces of advice, it is possible for users to minimize risks and increase winning potential.

Manage Your Bankroll

Bankroll management plays a significant role while playing JetX and other games. When it comes to managing your bankroll while playing games, in particular, JetX, there are several general tips you can take into account. For instance, you may set a budget, prioritize essential expenses, avoid impulsive spending, monitor your progress, etc.


When it comes to cashing out, players are provided with a few options. Gamers can cash out manually when they want. Or users may activate the auto-withdraw mode. With this feature, gamers can set a goal multiplier at which they will automatically cash out of the current round. Note if the jet crashes before this said multiplier, players will lose.

JetX Bonuses

A range of bonuses is one of the reasons why users decide to play the JetX game. The most pleasant part is that special offers are provided to both new and regular players. For instance, new users may obtain a welcome bonus for their first deposit. Available bonuses may vary depending on the platform or website you are playing the JetX game.


JetX is an engaging game that ensures not only a fun time but likewise great winnings. Although this game is generally based on players’ luck and Random Number Generator (RNG), there are still a few effective tips that may raise your chances of big wins. With the above-discussed recommendations and winning strategies, you will surely get an unforgettable gaming experience and the possibility to withdraw a pleasant amount of real money.


What is JetX?

The JetX game is an online air crash simulator that differs from similar options in the world of internet gaming.

How can I improve my gameplay in JetX?

To improve your gameplay in JetX, you may adhere to helpful tips that will assist you in enhancing your skills and performance. For instance, you may practice a lot, master the controls of JetX, learn the game’s rules well, stay concentrated, watch gameplay videos, tutorials, or streams of experienced JetX players, etc.

How much can I win?

The amount you can win depends on your bet and the multiplier you bet on. Higher multipliers grant the opportunity to win more money, however, they are likewise riskier.