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Apart from entertainment, gambling games give fair chances to win some money. This attracts people all over the world and makes the gaming process more than fascinating. If you are looking for an option with high multipliers, then crash games should be your choice. In them, a multiplier can reach 100,000 and more, and there is actually no upper limit.

Would you like to learn more about these games and their peculiarities? Then, this review is exactly what you need before launching the game and getting your first winning.

What is Crash Gambling

Among the most popular games of this type, we can name JetX, Aviator and Lucky Jet. They all have similar gameplay that is based on the following steps:

  • Before the round starts, the gamers bet. They usually have some limited time to do this and should decide quickly.
  • At the beginning of the round, an aircraft starts its flight and the multiplier is equal to 1.
  • While the plane rises, the odds grow and there is no way to predict when this process stops.
  • The round ends when the aircraft crashes or abruptly flies away.
  • If the gamer succeeded in withdrawing before this happened, he becomes a winner.
  • On the contrary, the bet is lost and a new round can be launched.

The rounds are quite swift and tense, so the gamer must stay concentrated and alert to win. They last from seconds to minutes and the result is understood at once. No wonder that such a simple gameplay is a lure for everyone who wishes to become a winner.

Furthermore, a wide variety of gaming resources provides this gaming option. There are both desktop games and apps for Android and iOS, as well as various payment methods. Thus, everyone can find a suitable playing option and fully enjoy this great game.

How to Choose the Best Crash Betting Site

When you are searching for a place to play with real money, it is highly important to take your time and make an informed decision. Keep in mind that you will trust an online establishment with not only your funds but also your personal information. That is why you have to be totally sure of security measures, availability of payouts and transparent work of the club.

Range of Games

The first thing to check is the variety of gaming options. As crash games have lately become more than popular, almost all modern clubs have added them to the assortment. Still, explore and evaluate it in general. Check whether there are other games that you like or want to try later.

The fuller is the proposal, the higher is usually the service. Therefore, pay attention to this issue.


The second thing worth your attention is the availability of bonuses and promotions. For example, it can be a common welcome bonus. However, in some clubs, it reaches 100% and even more. Others propose this type of praise for several deposits not only for the first one.

Each reputable online casino has a unique set of promotions that will give you the ability to win even more and truly enjoy the chosen service.


Another highly important issue is safety. Check what measures are taken by the developers to protect the personal data and funds of the clients. If the club allows crypto payments, it will guarantee your security.

Still, it’s worth checking the licenses of the club and the information that it provides on security issues. In addition, revise the availability of the support team and ask a few questions related to online safety to test how it works and what information it provides.


Last but not least, is the quality of payouts. As we have already mentioned, the chances to win in the crash games are more than high. Therefore, after playing, you will need to withdraw your winnings. For this, check the following points beforehand:

  • The variety of available payment methods;
  • The presence of additional fees for the club;
  • The need to verify the account to get the payout and the documents required for it;
  • The average time that is needed to process the transaction according to the casinos’ owners.
  • The limits on withdrawals.

You can also search on the specialized forums and learn more about the experience and opinions of other users. The thing is that you have to be totally sure that your winnings will be readily available.

How to Play Crash Gambling Game

Now, that you are aware of how to choose the resource for playing, let’s discuss its usage of it and the features of the gaming process.


First and foremost, you will need to register on the chosen website. There may be several options for this, namely:

  • Using your email or phone number;
  • Providing access to some of your social networks;
  • One-click registration with minimum requirements.

After you have successfully created an account, there may be a need to verify it. Some clubs ask for verification for future withdrawals. Thus, you have to check whether payouts will be available without this procedure.

However, both registration and verification usually do not take a long time and do not require lots of information. You will also need to create the password. Make it strong and do not share the credential for accessing this account with anyone.


The next step after account creation is depositing. It is usually available through your profile, where the corresponding section is located. You will have to do the following:

  • Select a suitable payment method;
  • Fill in the required information and the depositing amount;
  • Confirm the action.

Such transactions are proceeded instantly or take some small time according to the chosen method. After the funds appear in your account, you are informed about it and can move to playing and betting.


One of the crucial steps is betting. This is done directly before a new round of a crash game is launched. You need to think quickly and set your mind on the amount you bet.

In addition, some of the crash games provide the possibility to make two simultaneous bets. This one is worth trying with the following strategy:

  • Make the first bet small with an automatic withdrawal at a low multiplier;
  • Make the second one higher and follow it manually.

In this case, you will definitely get your winning with the first option, while the second will depend more on luck.
Also, set the amount you can bet in advance and follow your budget strictly to avoid unpleasant consequences of playing.


When the round starts, fully immerse yourself in the game. Watch out for an aircraft and select a moment to cash out. Both winnings and losses are inevitable, so try to treat the results of the game calmly and never lose your head.

What Are the Game Odds

One of the best things about crash games is a high RTP. The developers claim it on the level of 97% and it is truly so. Moreover, there is no upper limit for a multiplier, so in some rounds, it can reach up to 100,000 and more.

That is the reason why these games are so appealing and have gathered a large audience of fans. They do not only entertain but also provide a fair and high chance for winnings. Thus, even small losses will not influence the gamer.

Crash Gambling Game Bonuses

Another way to profit from this type of gaming is to select a club that provides profitable promotions and bonuses. The exact options depend on the chosen establishment. Still, there are some common bonuses that you should be aware of.


When you visit the club for the first time, the task of its owners is to attract you with the quality of service and provide some pleasant presents. The easiest way to do this is to propose a so-called welcome bonus. It is given after the first deposit and is usually equal to it.

There may be a certain limit for this type of bonus and some conditions on its obtaining. Thus, do not neglect reading these rules to profit from this treat.


This one stands for giving you a refund in case of a losing bet. This option is not as common as the previous one and always has some limits. However, small cashback for crash games is more than welcome as it helps to mitigate possible losses and bring back your interest in the game.


Some modern clubs are so generous that provide a bonus for all new users even without depositing for the first time. It is a rather rare option but even more fascinating. It can be provided just after registration and can be used in the game. Thus, you earn something even before starting to play.

Payment Options

At last, the crucial point for gamers is the methods for deposing and withdrawing, their variety and easy availability. To keep up with the modern trends, all the trustworthy online clubs work with different types of cards, bank transfers and modern payment systems. In addition, crypto can be also presented as a suitable option.


BTC is the leader among coins that are accepted by most of the crypto casinos. It is considered a reliable coin and it provides the highest security level for both the user and the club.


Other coins can also be presented. However, clubs have just started to offer them as a payment method. Thus, it may take some time to find the club that corresponds to all your needs and has this option as well.

How to Win at Crash Gambling

According to the basic information about these games and their gameplay, they depend on luck and chance. Still, gamers wonder how to increase the chances for winnings and earn more. There is no one truly working strategy. However, with certain advice and knowledge, you can get more profits and avoid big losses.

Crash Gambling Tips

If you wish to be successful and enjoy the game without any unpleasant consequences, then follow the next simple rules:

  • Play only on the reliable resource that is licensed and guarantee the transparency of the service and availability of the payouts;
  • Start your experience with a free demo version. It exists for each crash game and is absolutely free. It goes without bets and involvement of real money. This option is designed for practice and understanding of the basic gaming features and interface;
  • Set your budget and time for playing beforehand. Stick to these limits and play responsibly to avoid any unpleasant consequences;
  • Start with putting small frequent bets and follow your progress. If there is an option of placing two simultaneous bets and automatic withdrawals, learn more about these functions and implement them into your gaming routine;
  • Analyze the results of your previous rounds, as well as the statistics of other gamers. This helps to observe some common trends and built up your own successful strategy;
  • Communicate with other players if an in-game chat option is present. In addition, some clubs out there bonuses and rare promotions, so it is worth following;
  • Take necessary breaks while playing to restore energy and concentration. You need to stay very alert and active in these games and this can be tiresome. When you are fatigued, it is much easier to lose.

At last, do not expect that a crash game will make you a millionaire in a few minutes. It was designed to bring join and adrenaline rush, and it does its best for this. Winnings are just an additional pleasure but not the main goal of the process of playing.


To conclude, crash games have appeared as a decent alternative to usual slots. They involve the user much more and require a lot of attention, concentration and, of course, luck. However, it is more than fascinating to feel that your decisions influence the outcome of the game. Even more lucrative is the prospect of easy winnings.

Therefore, it is high time to try one of these games and see how cool they are. Just select a trustworthy resource for playing and enjoy crash games together with all their advantages.


Where can I play crash gambling?

This kind of game is readily available on most of the modern gaming resources. Do not forget to check the license and security issues of the chosen online casino.

Is crash gambling game legit?

Yes, these games are legit in those countries where the law does not prohibit this type of entertainment.

How do you play crash gambling?

One needs to find an online club where to play, register on it, make the first deposit and launch the game. The following gameplay is easy to understand.

Can you play crash gambling in the US?

Yes, it is possible for Americans to play and win real money. They just need to find a reliable club that is legit in their state and proceed with the game.

Can you make money crash gambling?

Yes, these games do not have limits in their multipliers and guarantee RTP of up to 97%. Therefore, there are high chances for winnings for everyone no matter what is your experience and knowledge.