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Crash games are sometimes called slots although they work differently. The connection between the two genres is randomness (the result depends on luck, not the player’s skill) and the instant result of the game. However, crash games are connected to the player more because it is the player who determines when to withdraw their money.

Initially designed solely for crypto casinos, crash games quickly gained popularity, so nowadays, you can bet fiat money, too. Their success was determined by the combination of randomness, simplicity, and fun. Today, every reputable online casino offers a crash game or several to play. Therefore, it can be tricky to navigate them and choose one but here we come to get you covered with our articles. This Lucky Jet game review is one of them. Continue your reading to know every important aspect of this popular crash casino title.

What is Lucky Jet Game

Lucky Jet is a gambling game that works similarly to Aviator and other titles in crash gaming. Its protagonist is Lucky Joe—a cool-looking man with a jetpack. Each game series starts with him taking off the ground and flying with the help of his jet. The goal of the player is to withdraw the money they waged before Lucky Joe goes off-screen.

While the flight continues, the multiplier in the center of the screen changes its value. Most daring bettors can wait for a big number but it is risky—the moment when Lucky Joe disappears is random. If the customer managed to cash out before that happened, their award will be the wager multiplied by the coefficient that was on the screen when they did this.

How to Play Lucky Jet Online

Lucky Jet is a 1win original. To play it online, you will need a 1win account—visit their official website and create an account to dive into the world of a jet thrill-seeker or other equally exciting games and slots.

Once you officially are a 1win player, make a deposit, find the Lucky Jet online game, and place a bet before the new round begins. Once it started and Lucky Joe took off, watch the multiplier. When you like its value, click the “Cash out” button, and your winning will be transferred to your account. Provided, of course, the jet did not fly away. If that happened, and you did not cash out, the bet is lost.

Lucky Jet Algorithm

The moment when the round ends is chosen randomly. It is calculated by the algorithm that uses a random number generator (RNG) that guarantees its fairness and unpredictability.

How to Bet in Lucky Jet

The user needs to place a bet before the round starts to play Lucky Jet. The wager can be placed manually, and the sum adjusted as they desire; the game provides interface elements to simplify the process. You can increase or decrease the amount gradually by clicking the “minus” and “plus” buttons, or you can click buttons that add or deduct the amount written on them. Similarly to Aviator, you can make two bets in one round to increase your profits.

Another option is to set parameters for bidding automatically. Just set the amount and tick the checkbox marked “auto bid”. This is handy for those who use a Fixed Bet strategy (we will talk about Lucky Jet game strategies later) and do not want to bet manually before each round.

Deposit and Cashout

The money you bet is subtracted from your account. This means that you need to make a deposit to start betting in Lucky Jet. 1win supports various fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies as well. There are also various options to withdraw the money you win.

And as for cashing out in Lucky Jet, you know already that you need to do it before the jet goes off-screen. But you can also leave it up to the game! Activate the “Auto cash out” option and set the multiplier coefficient you want for this function. As it is reached during the round, the cashout will occur without your involvement.

Lucky Jet Winning Strategy

A fail-proof Lucky Jet game-winning trick simply does not exist. It is determined by the randomness of the game (again, crash games and slots are a matter of luck, not skills). However, thought-out betting and turning the probabilities to your advantage is possible! Buckle up, we are going into the variety of Lucky Jet game strategies.

Low or High Risks

The risks that you are willing to take are up to you and your bankroll. There are two opposite approaches that can balance your profits and losses without depleting your assets too quickly:

  1. Big bet, small multiplier. Wager a decent sum and cash out early so you will not lose it. Your pure profit will be determined not by the multiplying coefficient but by the wager size. It is worth noting that there will be rounds when the jet flies away instantly and the bet will be lost automatically.
  2. Small bet, big multiplier. This strategy is for patient and daring people: the bettor is supposed to wait until the coefficient is high enough to make your winnings worth it. And if you lose, the small size of the initial bet will make it not too bad.

Strategy х1.1

The key to this plan is that when 1.1 interest is achieved, the bet immediately withdraws (it is done through the auto cashout function). The rate will rise by 10% with each round. Therefore, the beginning rate increases twice every 10 rounds. The only drawback is that if the bet does not succeed once every few series, money may be lost. To safeguard your assets, wait a few rounds with an interest of 1.03x, 1.09x, and then wait 3-4 more rounds before commencing to wager. With a coefficient of 1.1, you should avoid placing more than 2-3 bets in a row.

Stairs down

Another strategy for small bets (and periods when there are not too many players in the lobby). The key is increasing your bet and getting the auto cashout threshold lower each time you win. Yet again, with this strategy, you are getting closer to the “big bet, small multiplier” plan but do it gradually.

3-to-1 strategy

This strategy includes two bets: smaller and bigger. The large wager should be withdrawn early, at a low coefficient. The second one is to try your luck. Two bets are increasing your odds: if the large bet does not give you much, the second will. And if the second will burn before you cash it out, your expenses are covered by the profits from the first wager.

Lucky Jet Tips and Tricks

In this section, we prepared some Lucky Jet game tricks that will make your playing more pleasant, and betting—more effective.

  • Keep your head cool and enjoy the game. If you notice irritation or boredom, take a break from gambling and do something else. Fatigue and irritation will cause more mistakes, and mistakes will cause losing money.
  • Keep an eye on your bankroll. Some strategies are intended for the long run and they will not work if your account will be empty before that.
  • Set limits. Losses will happen: to avoid much frustration, determine the amount of money you can afford to lose. If you reached, step away for a while.
  • Play with a good internet connection. Delays in the signals may lead to a lost bet. This can happen if your command to cash out has reached the server after the crash happened.

Lucky Jet Demo

Did you know that Lucky Jet can be played for free? Yes, the game has a demo mode for those who just want to have fun. Either gain experience in the game, or test the strategy. Or for some reason he wants to play without bets. You are not winning real money, granted. Also, do not forget to keep your cool after switching back to reality. In real mode, losing will cost you.

Download Lucky Jet

Lucky Jet work just fine on the official casino website. You can play it on your PC or a browser on a mobile device (phone or tablet) without downloading any applications. The game adjusts to different screen sizes so you will not feel any inconvenience and can play whenever you want.

Mobile Apps

If the mobile browser option is too cumbersome for you, you download a dedicated Lucky Jet .apk or iOS file and install it on your smartphone or tablet.

Lucky Jet Predictor

We believe that Lucky Jet game prediction makes the games less thrilling. Also, it never works perfectly because of the randomness of the game. However, there are bots and applications that will analyze current in-game statistics and will send you tips and signals regarding when to bet and cash out. Be careful not to download a virus, though, when experimenting with files from different developers!

Lucky Jet Bonus Codes

1win always grants decent bonuses and rewards to its players. For example, the casino offers a welcome bonus that 100% matches your first deposit within the limit of 200 euro. The are also various reload bonuses adding extra cash to your account wherever you deposit money. Check the official website for codes and promos regularly to gain maximum profits from such events!


Lucky Jet is a popular crash game that you can find on the official site of 1win Casino. It works similarly to Aviator but has another storyline and gameplay. The game can be played on computers, smartphones, and tablets, and offers several handy features, and different deposit and cashout options.


How to win the Lucky Jet game?

Although there is no ultimate hack or trick to win in Lucky Jet, the players have developed some strategies that can minimize their financial losses and increase the possibility of winning. Various applications and services that claim they can predict the multiplier pattern also exist.

Is the Lucky Jet game legit?

Yes, 1win is a licensed casino, and the game has a pretty high RTP of 97%. Additionally, it uses a provable RNG to guarantee the fairness of the playing process.

Can the Lucky Jet game be predicted?

Predicting bots and services do exist; however, they are not 100% reliable because of the game’s randomness and require constant updates to track current statistics to analyze.

Where to play Lucky Jet?

Lucky Jet is available on 1win official site. You can download it as a mobile application and play it on a tablet or smartphone.