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Bettors often call Rocketman “slots” because, just like in slots, the round is ended instantly, and its result is random. In reality, Rocketman works under the concept of crash games. Experienced gambling enthusiasts remember how crash gaming works: you place a bet before the new series starts, you watch the flying object while the multiplier grows, and you cash out when you like its value enough. At some point in the round (which is randomly chosen), the object explodes or disappears and if the player did not withdraw their money before, they lose it.

There are dozens of well-known and beloved crash game titles, such as Aviator, Lucky Jet, Blaze Crash, etc., so why play Rocketman betting game? After we tell you everything about it, you will get curious at least!

Checked and updated: 19.05.2024

Overview of the Game

Rocketman is a crash game released in 2022 by Elbet. You can guess that, as a new title, it has all the good features of its predecessors and adds something new. The game works with over 180 currencies and is translated into 20+ languages for bettors from other countries.

Rocketman’s RTP is about 95,5%. This means that statistically, for every $100 they bet, the player gets $95.5 back in the long run.

As the name suggests, Rocketman is about a flight of a rocket that takes off and flies in parallel with the multiplier’s vertical axis. The longer it flies, the higher the coefficient of the multiplier. When the player hits the cashout button, they withdraw the sum of their bet multiplied by the current value.

The moment when the rocket explodes and the round ends, is chosen by an algorithm based on a random number generator (RNG). This number is generated at the start of the round based on hash mechanics and it can be verified by the players. This is called a provable fairness technology.

Rocket Man Game Features

So, what is there to love about the Rocketman online game? Firstly, there is everything we like in Aviator and other classic titles! Bright and cool graphics, sound effects, and handy UI solutions. The game offers live bet statistics and has an online chat to connect with other players and express your emotions from the game. All are neatly stacked around the main playing field so nothing drives your attention away but is easily accessible when you need it.

The options to place multiple bets in one round and make everything are also here. You can turn automatic betting on with just one click, and the game will place the fixed bet before every round without your constant control. Pair it with auto cash out to withdraw your winning on the established multiplier value, and you can just sit, relax, and watch your progress!

In our opinion, the best thing about the game is that rocket speeds up! Once you manage to predict when it reaches its fastest, you can cash out right before the explosion. It is hard to do but luckily, Elbet provides a free mode you can practice on to improve your chances.

Rocketman Demo Game

Yes, the Rocketman casino game has a demo mode. Here, you can play without betting real money. You win nothing, of course, but hey!—you also lose nothing. It is a great opportunity to adjust to the game’s pacing, get confident with controls, and just have good, risk-free fun! Just be careful when turning back to wagering, do not get too careless, or your account balance will feel it!

How to Play Rocketman Slots

The mechanism is the same as with every crash game ever. Place a bet (manually or automatically), the round starts, and cash out before the rocket explodes. The game’s maximum multiplier is 20,000x. If you do not want to sit and watch the multiplier, set auto cash out and enjoy the gaming process in peace.

Mobile Gaming

Where can you play the Rocketman casino game? First of all, on the official website of every online casino that offers the title! You can open it in the browser on your PC or on a mobile device as well! The game works fine with various screen sizes so you should have any troubles with hitting the buttons. It is especially important when we are talking about cashing out in time!

You can also play the Rocketman game on Android if you download a Rocketman .apk file. Be careful, though, and only use well-reputable sources as it is easy to download malware masked as an application.

Rocket Man Game Bonuses

The game also offers interesting bonus features to its players, let us take a closer look at them.

  • Wide Area Jackpot gives players a wide pool of potential prizes! In Wide Area jackpots, the main prize links different casinos that all contribute to the amount of potential prize increasing it greatly.
  • Progessive Jackpot in Rocketman has two levels: “Rocketpot” and “Boosterpot”. In a progressive scheme, the potential prize increases with every played game.
  • Promotional credits are regulated differently in various casinos but they could be a handy and helpful feature that keeps you in the game. And, of course, the winnings you got with promotional credit money are yours and unaffected.
  • Free Bet is what it is called—you get a bet, you do not pay for it! It is your choice if you want to play it riskily while having a chance or play it safe and take your prize early.

User Reviews

Rocketman betting game usually has laconic but overall positive reviews. Players emphasize that is it entertaining to play and share the history of their winnings:

“A super fun time-killer that is definitely worth your attention if you are a fan of Aviator.”
“Catchy, cool sound effects, easy to grasp the concept, I will try it again.”
“Cashed out at 40.3 with a $100 bet, easy money in no time.”

How to Win Rocketman Slots

The game style is up to you. Daredevils like to play it bold waiting for the big multipliers. Those who believe patience is a virtue cash out early. Be careful not to deplete your balance too quickly with big bets while keeping the bet for big numbers—crashes can happen early, even at a 1.01 multiplier! So works the theory of probability.

You can place two bets in one round, one big and one small. Cash out the big one early and wait for the multiplier to increase with the small one. The money you lose on a small one will be covered by winnings from an early cashout with the big wager. It is not a fail-proof tactic (early crashes are still a thing) but it can help you earn money steadily.

There are also more complex strategies, such as Martingale, reverse Martingale, Fibonacci, etc.—they need you to adjust to current statistics and change your bets after you win or lose. These tactics can help you regain some of the funds you lost or take the maximum from the winning streak.

Useful Tips for Betting in Rocketman Casino Game

  • Pay attention to your bankroll: if your options are limited, measure your bets accordingly or you will deplete it too early without winning anything.
  • Keep your head cool. Enjoy the game but treat it sensibly: if you are tired or frustrated, step away so you will not make mistakes. Come back another time to have real fun.
  • Set limits and do not get greedy. Determine how much you can afford to lose and if you lost it—time for a break. And do not chase high numbers exclusively, a cold and thought-out approach will serve you better.


Rocketman is a 2022 crash game title by Elbet. It offers all the popular features of the crash games (catchy tunes, bright design, and auto betting and cashing out) plus interesting bonuses and free demo mode.


Where can I play Rocket Man slots?

The game is available on many licensed online casinos and works both on PC and mobile devices.

Can I play the Rocketman game on my smartphone?

Yes, you can play it in the browser or download the application.

Does Rocket Man slot have a jackpot?

The maximum multiplier in Rocket Man is 20,000x which is indeed a life-changing prize even at a $1 bet.

How do I play Rocketman at the casino?

Just sign in, launch the game, and place a bet. Rocketman is very intuitive and easy to navigate