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The combination of gambling and gaming is double fun: the thrill of betting has an exciting synergy with the joy of playing a game. This is why casino games are so popular. There are dozens of titles, and it can be hard to navigate in such a variety. Our reviews are meant to help you decide which game is worth trying it.

Crash games are a very successful genre in the world of online casinos. Initially designed for cryptocurrency only, they quickly gained the love of bettors and became available for those who bet with fiat money as well. Their developers work constantly to design new storylines and features. You can watch the flight of a plane or a witch on a broom, whatever you prefer! Some titles will allow you to customize your aircraft or even make an NFT of it.

Rocketon game works under the same principle as crash games but it has several characteristics that make it stand out.

What is Rocketon Game

Rocketon is created by Galaxsys LLC, an iGaming development studio based in Armenia. They launched many top-notch casino gaming solutions, including both fast and skill games. Their fast-paced gaming titles include F Mies, Cash Show, Sic Bo, Crash, and, of course, Rocketon.

As true randomness is the foundation of the instant games, Galaxsys made sure that the outcome of each round is completely unpredictable. To do so, the studio used the Quantum Random Number Generators provided by ID Quantique, recognized as the world leader in the craft. Besides the most reliable (which, in our case, means “unforeseeable”) number generator, the studio incorporated provable fairness technologies with cryptographic verification based on Hash. The randomness of how the game resulted can be tested and confirmed. Therefore, we can be sure that Rocketon game crypto solutions are state-of-art.

Rocketon Gameplay and Features

Rocketon casino game features, shockingly, a rocket that takes off at the start of the round. While the rocket flies in space, the multiplier increases, and the players should withdraw their money before the rocket explodes.

This concept is pretty similar to other crash games, such as Aviator, Space XY, Lucky Jet, or Stormy Witch. The amount of potential winning increases but the bettor has to cash out before the moment of “crash”. The tricky part is that cashing out too early grants only a tiny winning, failing to cash out in time causes the loss of the bet. However, Rocketon offers both well-known and innovative features:

  • Auto cashout
  • Half cashout
  • Auto bet
  • Double bet
  • System of bonuses

Graphics and Sound Design

Additionally to the mentioned advantages, the game is well-designed. Impressive and detailed 3D art, the space background changes as the rocket proceeds, and the parts of the spacecraft are discharged as it happens in reality. Cool animations blend well with the sound effects that add atmosphere and increase immersiveness of the game.

How to Play Rocketon Game

For those of you who are not casino gaming veterans, we will briefly explain the process of playing the Rocketon.

Place Your Bet

Before the round begins, the player has to place a wager. The automatic betting system will allow continue playing without manual interference, you will only need to set your preferences and manage your bankrolls. Moreover, unlike other crash casino games, Rocketon gives you an opportunity to place two bets in one round, thus increasing your winnings.


The round ends when the player draws the money out or the rocket explodes. Naturally, the first outcome is preferable. Cashing out can be done manually; also, the bettor can set the limit for the auto cashout. When the multiplier will reach the threshold, money withdrawal will happen automatically.

Another innovative feature of Rocketon is the player’s ability to cash out only half of the money. This secures part of the winnings while allowing the player to continue the round.

Win Strategies for Rocketon

The is no risk-proof strategy for Rocketon game gambling. As it is completely random, at some point, the explosion is bound to happen instantly. But it is possible to balance your losses and winnings:

  1. Set limits. Establish an amount of money you can afford to lose and stick to it religiously. If you lost this sum, you stop playing no matter what and return another time, when you are financially ready to play again. Mauve, your luck will be kinder to you this next time.
  2. Manage your bankroll. Some betting manners are designed to be beneficial in the long run—if your financial options are limited, they can quickly deplete your limits before working out. Adjust your playing style to your bankroll.
  3. Play responsibly and with a cool head. Being too greedy will affect your ability to assess your current situation properly. In such situations, it becomes easy to get carried away and lose more than you can afford.

Rocketon Game Bonuses

Rocketon has a decent retention system and grants its players free bets and free amount bonuses under the terms established by the operator.

Play Rocketon for Free

For those who want to try a risk-free game, there is a demo mode. In the demo, the player does not bet real money and, consequently, cannot win real money as well. The demo mode provides a good opportunity to become familiar with the game, learn its gameplay, or test a certain strategy you are interested in.


While having similarities with other crash gaming titles, Rocketone casino game offers beneficial and unique features for the player. The game also has an attractive design with 3D art, animations, and catchy sound effects.


Is Rocketon Game Legal?

The legality of online gambling depends on the laws of your country. As always, we recommend you check your casino license and money withdrawal options before playing.

How to win at Rocketon?

There is no way to predict its algorithm and outcome. However, you can use certain betting strategies to operate your money more effectively.

Is Rocketon game free?

The game requires betting money in order to play and win. It has a demo mode that gives an idea about the game but offers no chance to win because the user does not bet their funds.