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The genre of crash games took online casinos by storm and it is not going anywhere. The reason is simple—bettors love the thrilling combination of gambling and playing the game.

In the foundation of crash games lies the technology of provable fairness—because the gaming process ends abruptly, the final moment of the round should be unpredictable. Provable fairness technologies and random number generators create an algorithm that is impossible to cheat or foresee. This guarantees that in crash games, the outcome of the playing will depend solely on your luck (if a bit on your skill).

Crash game titles are counted by dozens and even more of them are coming. Due to the popularity of the genre, online casinos do not have one very rarely. We will help you not get lost in such diversity and tell you about the most interesting titles. Blaze Crash game is one of them.

What is Blaze Crash Game

The game is advertised as an original of the online casino Blaze. The web platform is operated by Prolific Trade N.V. The company has a Curacao license, so the customers do need to worry about the legality of their casino.

Similarly to slots, Blaze Crash is instant but this is very the similarity ends. In other aspects, the game resembles other crash titles, such as Aviator, Rocketon, or Lucky Jet.


The player enters the round by placing a bet and follows the flight of the graphic token that looks like a dice. While flying, the token rises the multiplier graph. Whenever the player hits the cashout button, the bet is multiplied by the current multiplier value which determines the amount of money the player wins. At the randomly chosen moment, the round “crashes”. If the cashout did not occur before that, the wager is lost. There is also an option of auto cashout: the game withdraws your winnings for you when the multiplier reaches the value you set.

Blaze Crash casino game has, however, a couple of interesting features. You can see the log of previous crashes and how other players are doing in each logged round. A dedicated table shows their bets and winnings if they managed to cash out before the crash.

Graphics and Art Style

Unlike other titles that seek to impress the player with their graphics and storyline, Blaze Crash betting game remembers what it is. Instead of a plane, 3D space rocket, jet, or whatever, there is only a little 2D icon. The visual design allows you to concentrate on the multiplier. Its line slightly resembles a stock market chart, and watching how it grows (and so do your winnings) is a bit fun.

The game also has sound effects but they can be muted if you like silence, prefer your own ambient tune, or play in the auto mode.

How to Play the Crash Blaze

If you never had the pleasure of playing the Blaze crash game online, do not worry—we will guide you through the process! The interface is really intuitive and the rules are simple, so you should not stumble upon any issues while playing the game.


For betting, the customer needs to make a deposit. The waging money is written off the player’s account, so, if the bet exceeds your balance, you will not be able to place it.


The size of the bet is what you select in the field “Amount”. To speed the process up for you, there are buttons that divide and multiply the sum by two. You can opt for automatic betting by setting a fixed bet and the number of bets you want to place. This works well with the auto cashout option and allows you to attend other businesses while playing.

Blaze Crash Game Demo

If you want to try the game, get comfortable with the gameplay, or gain some experience with a playing strategy, Blaze Crash has a demo mode. Just choose “play for fun” in the game menu of the casino.

The demo mode is free: you do not bet the real money. Therefore, you cannot have a real win either. The switch back to the real mode can be done anytime, just be careful and not get careless with your bankroll after the permissiveness of the demo.

Blaze Crash Mobile Apps

If you are mobile and so is your gambling, Blaze Crash is perfectly compatible with your lifestyle. All you need to do is download the Blaze crash game .apk file from the application store for Android, or the corresponding application from the App Store for iOS devices. If you have any tech trouble with the game, a chat with the support team is always available on the website.

Blaze Crash Game Bonuses

Blaze Casino offers bonuses and promo codes to its customers—for example, there is a welcome bonus of up to 200 euro. Follow the news so as to not miss anything: loyalty programs often give you additional opportunities to enjoy your favorite game without more expenses.


Blaze Crush game follows the classic rules of casino games. The implementation of automatic betting and cashing out, minimalistic and simple design, and intuitive interface make the game attractive for bettors who love instant crash games. The log feature that shows the results of previous rounds is important for those who keep an eye on the winning/losing streak or needs additional information to play out a certain strategy.


How to win at Blaze Crash?

Crash games are completely random, so winning all the time is not possible. A responsible player should manage their bankroll wisely and set a limit on the amount of money they can afford to lose. Certain strategies are designed to balance winnings and losses if used correctly.

Is Blaze Crash legal?

Blaze online casino has a Curacao license, so it narrows the question down to if gambling is legal in your country. Check the payment and money withdrawal options to ensure that you can play safely and legally.

How do you play the game Crash?

The user needs to register in the casino, choose the game, place a bet, and enter the round. The round lasts until the in-game object flies and the multiplier rises. If the player does not cash out before the round crashes, they lose the bet.