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Modern games enable players not only to spend time with enjoyment but likewise to get profit. As a rule, these games are available in various online casinos. Each game has its own unique features, rules, and potential for winnings.

JetX is one of the most popular games among users. First, this game appeared on Cbet casino, however, today it is possible to play JetX on numerous platforms and websites. If you are a beginner in the world of online casino games, there is no need to worry. This guide includes information on how to play the JetX and receive real funds.

What is JetX Game

JetX is an online game that is known in all corners of the globe. It provides gamers with the possibility to place bets on the outcome of a virtual jet/plane crash. The idea of the JetX game is to press the Collect button at the most opportune moment to cash out as much money as possible before the jet/plane explodes.

The JetX is a simple game. That’s why it will be effortless to play this game even for new users. SmartSoft Gaming is the creator of the JetX arcade-looking slot game. Fans of classic games from the 80s will undoubtedly like JetX for its retro look.

How to play JetX Game

The principle of the JetX game is simple. The jet takes off and flies until it finally crashes. As long as the jet keeps flying and rising higher and higher, the multiplier attached to it continues to grow. Once the jet explodes, the round is completed.

To start playing JetX, you should place your bet. You may likewise place a few bets simultaneously. Your task is to guess at which multiplier the jet will explode. The longer the jet is “in the air”, the higher the multiplier of your bet gets.

The game’s meaning is to withdraw funds before the jet crashes. If you cash out with delay, your bet is lost.

3 Level Jackpot

JetX is an attractive and engaging game by itself. However, the three-level jackpot feature adds more interest to this game. Do you wonder how to win these jackpots? As the jet is moving forward, it will fly through three levels known as Space, Galaxy, and Planet. A random jackpot is attached to each of these levels. It doesn’t matter what bet you placed since you will surely receive a chance at the prize pool if the jackpot works.

Winning JetX Game Strategy

The JetX game is based on a Random Number Generator (RNG). This implies your victory depends on your luck. As a rule, there are no exact tactics that would provide players with 100% winnings every round. Nevertheless, some game strategies may be helpful for users. These tips may assist players in minimizing risks and boosting the chances of real wins.

In addition to relying on effective winning strategies, it would likewise be a good idea to learn the game’s rules completely. Users have the opportunity to understand the mechanics and principles of JetX by playing a demo version of this game.

Betting and multiplier

One of the useful pieces of advice while playing the JetX game is to place big bets on a low multiplier and low bets on a high multiplier throughout the same round. This is a broadly employed technique by JetX players.

The first goal of this strategy is to restrict the risk while attempting to provide repetitive winnings and keep the balance stable with the help of the big stake. Meanwhile, users should place a small bet to attempt to hit a big multiplier that may increase their balance.

Cash Out

Some players stick to another strategy and play volatile. The sense of this technique is that users should place higher bets than they would as a rule and withdraw on low multipliers. The point of cashing out as soon as possible lies in having repetitive gains and withdrawing winnings from the gaming platform or website once you win sufficiently.

However, you should be careful if you decide to apply this strategy. Betting higher than you commonly do may lead to a quick loss if you get into an unlucky streak.


Martingale is a pretty popular technique among gamers in online casinos. Still, you should be cautious with Martingale since this strategy is associated with certain risks and dangers. The Martingale technique implies placing a small bet first and doubling bets if a previous stake is lost.

The Martingale technique is considered dangerous if players don’t have a big bankroll. What’s more, the majority of online casinos declare that this technique is forbidden on their terms & conditions. Thus, it would be a better solution to rely on another strategy than adhere to the Martingale risky technique.

Round insurance

The model of the JetX game supposes 2 bets. Players are recommended to set the auto-draw to 1.50 in the first case and to 2.00 in the second one. If users win, they will get the possibility to fix pretty large prizes. Nevertheless, the size of losses will grow quite rapidly in case of losses.

Bankroll management

Bankroll management in gaming commonly refers to the practice of effectively managing one’s in-game currency or resources to ensure a stable and enjoyable gaming process. There are certain tips for bankroll management in the JetX game. These recommendations involve setting a budget, monitoring your spending, taking calculated risks, etc.

For instance, users may determine how much in-game currency or resources they are ready to allocate for playing the JetX game. Also, it is important to keep track of how much in-game currency or resources players are spending and on what.

JetX Game App Download

Nowadays, the JetX game is available for playing on any device. The main condition is to have a stable and secure internet connection. Thus, users from all over the globe may play the JetX game on computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Since the game interface is responsive, it will adjust to the size of your screen automatically.

What’s more convenient is that JetX offers a mobile app for users. It is possible to download the JetX game application on iOS and Android appliances. Graphics and sound are on the same high level as on the website version.

JetX Game Bonuses

JetX is an interesting game so it attracts new players daily. Bonuses and promotions offered to new and regular gamers are what grab the attention of users even more. For instance, beginners in the JetX game will be guaranteed to obtain a welcome bonus for their first deposit. Available special offers and bonuses may be discovered on the main page of the website of JetX game.


Are you looking for ways to play a game with fun and earn some money? For this purpose, the JetX game will be the most suitable option. JetX has simple rules but the probability of great wins is high. To increase your chances of success, you may take advantage of the above-discussed gaming strategies.


How to play JetX?

To play JetX, you should place your bet and cash out on time until the jet crashes.

Why is JetX so popular?

There are a few reasons why JetX is so popular among players. This game is simple to learn, has unique gameplay and high winning potential, offers bonuses, and more.

How to win JetX game?

Since JetX is based on a Random Number Generator (RNG), 100% effective gaming strategies that would provide you with regular winnings don’t exist. Still, some techniques, in particular, sticking to a volatile play style, betting big on a low multiplier and betting low on a high multiplier, applying the Martingale technique, etc. may help raise your chances of big wins.